Chrome FAQ section

  • Will my Premium / Plus Subscription work within the Chrome Extension?

Yes! Our paid subscription plans are paired with your NaturalReader account, which you can use to log into our Online Reader, Chrome Extension and Mobile Application. Enjoy paid features that are universal to each product such as Premium &  Plus Voices, and MP3 audio download.

  • Is the Chrome Extension Free?

Yes. Users can download and use our chrome extension for free. Unlimited use of premium and plus voices, and other exclusive features are reserved for users on paid subscriptions. For more information about our subscription plans please visit:  

  • How can I quickly load the chrome extension?

Users can “pin” the NaturalReader extension, which lets users load the chrome extension at the click of a button. To pin the extension, click the extension button found to the right of the search bar. Next, from the list of chrome extensions, click the blue pin beside NaturalReader, and it will now be pinned to the right of your search bar. Now all you need to do is click the NaturalReader logo and your extension will load!

  • How do I use the save to mobile function?

Easily save your online recordings to your mobile device. First, download the free NaturalReader mobile app and log into your NaturalReader account. Once logged in, simply click “save to mobile” in the expanded reader menu. Once saved, simply open the NaturalReader mobile app and select “continue listening”..

  • Can I listen to PDF’s with the Chrome Extension?

Yes. In the expanded reader bar, click on the “PDF” button, where you can then search for the PDF file on your computer, or simply drag and drop the file into the window.

  • What are the hotkeys function, and how do I set them up?

Use hotkeys on your keyboard to control the NaturalReader Chrome Extension when reading. Set different keys to pause/play, skip, change speaker and more. To do this, expand the menu of the reading bar, and click on “more settings”. Within the settings, go to the “hotkeys” section where you can set different keys for different functions when using our Chrome Extension.