How to use CC Panel & Highlight

Change CC Panel, Highlight, and other features in the Settings.

  1. Click on the NaturalReader icon next to Chrome's URL field to open the extension.
  2. If it is in compressed view, click on the gear to open the settings.
  3. If the Reading Bar is activated, click on ☰ to open the settings.
  4. Scroll down to 'CC Panel & Highlight', or select it from the left menu.
CC Panel

Toggle seeing the CC Panel while the extension's Reading Bar is activated. When CC Panel is turned on, you can follow along with the text being read from the Reading Bar.

Text Highlight

Control how the text on the page you're listening to is being highlighted while reading:
- Sentence only
- Word only
- Sentence and word
- No highlighting

Highlight Color

Select a color theme for the highlights. When using both options, the sentence and words will be highlighted using different colors.

Dyslexia Fonts

Toggle applying dyslexia font to the CC Panel. Using dyslexia font can help with making reading a bit easier for some with learning disabilities.


Toggle the Auto-Scroll settings to have the webpage scroll down automatically while listening.

After the play button is activated, you can also easily toggle the Auto-Scroll setting right from the extension toolbar.