Getting Started  

NaturalReader Chrome Extension is a powerful text to speech program that allows users to read essentially any text found online. Have Webpages, PDFs, Emails, Google Docs, Kindle Books and more read aloud to you! Enjoy this listening experience as our AI powered, human-like voices will read for you, so you can sit back and listen. Download for free today and start saving time spent on reading work emails, textbook chapters and browsing the web. Learn more from the steps below to become a pro with our chrome extension and explore some of the most used features!

  1. Pin the Extension

Once downloaded, click on the extension button found to the right of your search bar. For easy access, you have to “pin” the NaturalReader extension, by clicking on the pin button beside the extension. Once pinned, you can simply click the NaturalReader logo, found beside the search bar, and your reading bar will instantly load.

  1. Reading bar

The reading bar is draggable, so it's very easy to move the reading bar to the best position for the user. The reading bar can also be minimized, and expanded. In the expanded view, have access to change the reading voice to your preferred human-like voice, and to your optimal listening speed. Also found in the expanded menu are our most popular features: save to mobile, upload pdf, immersive reader and download to mp3.

  1. Save to Mobile

Easily continue listening to your chrome extension webpages, google docs, PDFs and more on your mobile device. You must download the free NaturalReader mobile app and log into your NaturalReader account to link the chrome extension to the mobile app. Just click on the “Save to Mobile” button on your chrome extension reader and then open your mobile app. Once opened, simply click on “Continue Listening” and your document will load onto your mobile device.

  1. Immersive Reader

For less distractions on your screen and greater focus on your document that you are reading along with, turn on the immersive reader feature found in the expanded menu. The immersive reader provides a slightly zoomed view with a plain background behind the pages text, making it perfect for studying.

  1. Upload PDF

Easily upload and listen to PDFs found on your computer. Simply click on the “upload PDF” button found in the expanded menu. Then you can either search for your PDF file on your computer, or simply drag and drop the file into the window.

  1. Download to MP3

Download your recording into MP3 audio so that you can listen without cellular service or wifi connection. In the expanded menu select the MP3 button to start the download, once downloaded the file will move to your recent downloads found in the top right of your browser window.