How to use Library

When you enter into the application, you will land on the Library page. This is where your Projects and Files are listed, as well as access to the main menu to get to the Pronunciation Editor, Team Management, Account & Billing information, Dark Mode, and Sync settings.

Watch the video for a quick overview of the Library.

[tip: Library contents are not shared or synced between Team Members if on a Team Plan].

Project File & Management.

Creating Projects and Files.

Before converting, you need to start with a Project. By default, your account will have a Project created already called “My First Project”. You can see what Project you have opened in the top-right corner.

Click on the drop-down menu to change, edit, or create a new project. Select Edit to change the project name or delete the entire Project.

[tip:Deleting the Project will erase all its Files too. Remember to duplicate and transfer any Files you’d like to keep to another Project before deleting or export a manual backup first.]

Next is to add Files to your Project, which is made up of the text you will be using to convert to audio. If hidden, click on ☰ to open the left side panel and select Add File > Create New File.

Remember that after you enter your text here, it will be divided into segments based on where you had line or paragraph breaks. The amount of characters allowed in each segment depends on the voice and speed you enter will apply to all segments, but you can make adjustments later to this as well.

Click on ‘Next’ to enter the Reader Editor. The Reader Editor is where you can make your final edits before downloading the audio and you can learn more about how to use it here.

Copying and Transferring Files between Projects

You can also duplicate and transfer Files between Projects. From the Library, select the Project you’d like to change or select all. Click on ‘Delete’ to delete them permanently, or ‘Move to another Project’ to transfer them to a different Project folder.

Online Sync, Auto-saving, and Dark Mode

By default your Projects and Files are saved online through the Online Sync Setting. This ensures that you’re able to login and work on your Projects from any supported computer you’re using.

[tip: If your account was registered before August 2019 when the Online Sync was introduced, your sync settings are left OFF until you turn it on from your account Settings.]

If you opt not to use the Online Sync, you risk losing your Projects and Files permanently. Toggle the Online Sync from the side menu on the Library page by selecting “Settings”.

We strongly recommend leaving this setting on. If turned off, your projects are saved to your browser’s cache only. This requires you to create manual backups of Projects or Files(link) for safekeeping if needed. This also means that erasing your browser’s cache or history will also erase your Projects.

While working from the Reader Editor(link), your work will auto-save at 30-second intervals.

You can turn Dark Mode ON/OFF from the Library’s side menu.

Manual Back-up and Transferring Projects with Import/Export

You can download your Projects as backups or to transfer/share to other Team Members. You will also have to backup your Projects manually if you decide not to use the Online Sync.

From the Library page, check that you have the desired Project folder opened. To include all files, select all or multiple from the checkbox and click ‘Save Files (.nkl)’.

Or, click on ⋮ next to the File you’d like to export and select ‘Save to local file( *.nkl).

This will export the File(s) into an .nkl file format in a zipped folder to your default Downloads folder.

To load a File back into the application, from the Library click on Add File > Import file (.nkl) and select the .nkl file from where it’s saved on your desktop.

[tip: Libraries are not shared between Team Members, so you can use the export/import option to share or transfer your Projects’ Files.]