How to use Reader Editor?

The text you entered in the ‘Create New’ window has now been divided into segments based on where your text contained line breaks. Each segment can now be edited individually to adjust the voices or speed.

These segments can have a maximum of either 800 or 1500 characters, depending on the voice being used, and each File a maximum of 100 segments. Project creation itself is unlimited.


Hover over a segment to Play, Edit, Delete, or access other options.

Click on the pencil to edit the text of the segment, change the voice or speed settings, or add SSML tags through the Advanced Editor(link). Keep track of the segment’s character limit in the bottom left of the window. Click on ‘Done’ to save or ‘X’ to discard.

Or click on the voice’s name from the segment to open a drop-down menu to quickly change to a different voice.

You can also batch apply voice and speed settings. Use the checkboxes to select all or multiple segments, then select ‘Voice’ or ‘Speed’ from the toolbar. Or select ⋮ from the toolbar to delete the selected segments permanently.

Insert and Rearrange

Insert a new segment by selecting an existing segment and hitting ‘Text Above’ or ‘Text Below’. You can also insert periods of silence of between 1 - 30 seconds above or below a segment or a short audio clip.

You can easily rearrange segments by simply dragging and dropping. Or click on ⋮ and select ‘Move up’ and ‘Move down’.

Quick access to the Pronunciation Editor and Online Sync Setting is in the top right corner of the Reader Editor.


After you’re done editing you can select all, one, or multiple segments and hit ‘Download’ from the toolbar to select a download option. ‘Selected as audio file’ will download each segment as an individual mp3 or WAV. ‘All as audio file’ will merge the segments into a single mp3. The audio will be saved to your computer’s default Downloads folder. 

[tip: Segments cannot be merged for the WAV download option]