How to use Reader Editor?

Watch the video for an overview of the Reader Editor.


The text you entered in the ‘Create New’ window has now been divided into segments based on where your text contained line breaks. Each segment can now be edited individually to adjust the voices or speed.

These segments can have a maximum of either 800 or 1500 characters, depending on the voice being used, and each project and maximum of 100 segments. Project creation itself is unlimited.

First click on a segment and it will play. To make changes to the text, voice, or speed, click on ‘Edit’ and an edit window will pop up. From there you can also add SSML tags either by typing directly or using the Advanced Editor. While editing the text a counter below the text field will help you keep track of how many characters you have used in that segment.

Click on ‘Test’ to listen to the first few lines, and if you’re satisfied click ‘Done’ to save your changes.


If you forgot text during the Create New step, you can also add segments through the Insert option. Click on a segment first, then ‘Insert’. You can then select either to add  ‘Text Above’ or ‘Text Below’ for the new segment.

You can also insert periods of silence of between 1 - 30 seconds above or below a segment or a short audio clip.


When you’re done editing, click on ‘Download’ and select a download option. You can export to mp3 or WAV however merging the segments into a single audio file is available for mp3 format only.