How to use Advanced Settings?

Watch the video for an overview of the Advanced Settings.

Using SSML tags, you can now add tone and emphasis to any selected word. Combined with the Pronunciation Editor, this allows you even more freedom in controlling not only what the voices say, but also how they deliver.

Click on a segment, then ‘Edit’. At the bottom of the Edit window, click on the switch next to ‘Advanced Editor’ to access SSML tagging for Break, Volume, Pitch, and Emphasis.

Within the text, click between the words where you’d like a pauses, then click on ‘Break’ and select how long you want the break to be. For the other tags, highlight the text you want it applied to, then click on Volume/Pitch/Emphasis to add the setting.

You can also type directly within the single quotation marks of an SSML tag to make an edit, such as changing ‘1000ms’ to ‘2000ms’ within a Break tag.

For Volume, Pitch, or Emphasis, you can click anywhere within the tag and hit backspace on your keyboard to quickly erase both the opening and closing tags.

Volume and emphasis tags are not available for some voices (US English: Ronald, Leslie, Amber; UK English: Carrie)