How to install WebReader to your website

It's very easy and quick to set up WebReader on your website just by embedding our script into your code. We will talk about how to obtain the script for your WebReader and integrate it into your website.

Step 1: obtaining the script

Login to the management console.

If you don't have any WebReader widgets yet:

Create a widget by pressing the Plus button at the top-right corner of the page.

Follow the steps in the wizard. After a widget is successfully created, you will be presented with the script code.

If you already have a widget:

Click the "Get Code" button for the widget you want to embed, then you will see the script code.

website setup

Step 2: embedding the script into your code

Copy the script: simply click the code section or click the "CLICK TO COPY" button.

Go to your code (e.g. index.html), paste the script right before the end of the <body> tag in your code, and you are good to go!

Step 3 (optional): testing on localhosts

For each widget, you have a production widget ID and a test widget ID. If you are setting up WebReader on localhosts, in the script you just pasted into your code in Step 2, change the widget ID to your test widget ID.

How to get the test widget ID?

1. Go to
2. Click the "Customize" button for the widget
3. Select Others and under the Authorized Websites section, you can find your test widget ID in the statement "Please use your test widget ID: <widget_id>, if you are testing on localhost."